New All@Pay Approval Request Sample

* Required information : Required Item for payment     [FAQ]
Item Sample value Max Length
Value Name Description
Shop ID 20 allat_shop_id Unique Shop ID   [Detail]
Order No. 70 allat_order_no Unique Number: Do not permit( space, '', "")
Amount 12 allat_amt Number(0~9)
Product Code 1000 allat_product_cd Do not permit( space, '', "")
Callback URL - allat_callback_url <input type=hidden name=allat_callback_url value=''>
*Must set 'hidden filed'
UPOP Sequence Number The value is set with automatic - allat_upop_seq_no <input type=hidden name=allat_upop_seq_no value=''>
*Must set 'hidden field'

* Option Information( If do not exist value or field that set default value. )
Test Fields 1 allat_test_yn Test(Y),Service(N) - Default : N   [Detail]